Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Run and Tell That!

A little treat for all of my former-students-turned-current-readers:


  1. Waterhouse (Or should I start calling you Amanda...Oh well, you're still Water for the time being.),
    Holy crap! This makes me giggle with delight, haha.
    Seeing that it's in the works of becoming a movie, I'm curious to know - since you're the one who got me into Wicked, so you're clearly a fan - if you have any thoughts on who could be casted as, well, any specific character you have an idea for. And if this makes me nosy for asking, so be it.
    Oh, on a side note, glad to see you've been settling into your house in Colorado. I've become a rabid reader of your blog, so I've read your little...mishaps here and there, haha. But it's good that it's going well.
    Love ya dearly,
    Emily (Wells, that would be).

  2. water!
    a movie?? wicked a movie??!
    haha, i'm so excited now!!
    courtney and i want to go see wicked when it comes to utah so bad!! haha. :)
    well, thanks for everything.
    still missing you teribbly!


    [[p.s. kurtis cut his hair!! pictures are coming soon.]]

  3. Woo hoo! I too, am giggle-ing with delight! (HI EMILY AND KEARY!!!)

    much love,
    ♥ Carly

  4. waterhouse!!!!!
    oh my gosh!!!!! wicked a movie?!?!?!!?!?!?! YAY!!!!!
    me and keary are soooo totally planning on seeing it when it comes in town next summer!!!!!
    so exciting!
    p.s. the pictures of kurtis and his hair cut will get to you as soon as my computer decides to stop being