Monday, October 24, 2011


That's how much I've spent on this set.  I stopped by the hardware store in town today to buy staples for my staple gun.  Aside from tacking down some foliage tomorrow, the set is done thanks to a handful of kids who came by after school to put the finishing touches on everything.  And thanks to my pack-rat tendencies resourcefulness, the only thing I had to buy for this set was the staples.

We used the same platforms that I use in every show, painting them black this time with crazy coloful hippie swirls and patterns all over the tops.  We raided the school's butcher paper supplies and cut out over 300 hippie symbols (peace signs, hand peace signs*, flowers, hearts, happy faces, and yin-yang symbols) in various colors which we then stapled to 14-feet-long sections of yarn.  Borachio and Ursula hung those garlands from the top of the cyc using duct tape and a very tall ladder for me today in class, both of them shouting their lines from the top of the ladder when their scenes came up.  Meanwhile, Balthasar and Watchman #3 were out on the loading dock behind the building making one more small platform for me with the tools Watchman #3 brought in from home since the only tools we have in the shop is two hammers and a screwdriver (the aforementioned staple gun is mine).  Don Pedro, Donna Joanna, Watchman #1, and Beatrice all decorated the set with our stash of fake flowers and vines while Antonia and a girl from my speech class made Hero a wedding bouquet from the same stash.

It's a very psychedelic set.  I love it because a) the kids did 99% of the work, b) they love it, c) it's done, and d) it only cost me $3.49.

Even if you add that to the $30 I spent on fake candles for the funeral scene; heck, we're almost guaranteed to turn a profit on this show whether or not we get a snow day Wednesday!

(Knock on wood!)

* Per my instructions, both fingers of the hand peace signs are securely stapled/taped lest the index fingers "disappear" leaving us with a set of hands flipping the audience off.  Always one step ahead of the teenagers, I am!

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