Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Europe! Day 1: Airports

Europe! Day 1: Airports
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I know the picture isn't very exciting, but I am indeed at the
airport, waiting for a few hours for the flight. Whoo!

In a bit, I'm going to hunt me down some lunch to take on board and
some Paradise cookies because they're delicious.

I didn't sleep much last night- about 4 hours, probably less. I'm
hoping that will translate to my being able to sleep on the plane, but
past experience begs to differ.

It's raining here.

I don't think I will be able to blog as much as I did in NY, since
I'll be using international rates, or with the lengthy entries like I
did in Russia, since I'm not bringing my laptop. I did promise my
mother I would post some sort of signal that I'm alive each day. That
may appear on Shot-a-Day more often than here, but I'll try to hit
both. The link for S-a-D is on the right, by the way.

Okay, typing by iPhone is tediously slow. I'm going to read some more
of Europe 101 (yay Rick Steves!).

More later!

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