Monday, January 12, 2009

Almost, But Not Quite

Neil Patrick Harris hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend. My disgust at SNL outweighed my love of NPH enough that I didn't watch it, but I will read the Mamapop recap. Lo and behold, a clip about Broadway. So, naturally, I feel obligated to put it here:

Good Parts:
Neil Patrick Harris dressed as Mark
Neil Patrick Harris making fun of Mark
Neil Patrick Harris singing
The Chicago ladies was a little funny
The Blue Men were a bit funny, too (although, and I do have to be picky about this, the Blue Men Group is off-Broadway, as was Stomp)
"Yeah, you, the Color Purple guy."

Bad Parts:
Um, Cats closed 9 years ago. And Annie closed years before that. Did you not bother to do any research? Or do you decide not to make a really funny sketch for the thousands of people who do know about current musicals (c'mon! Spring Awakening writes its own jokes!) and instead filled it with passe references for people who might have heard of musicals in the 1980s but who really don't care?
Plus, everyone except Neil Patrick Harris.

I'm going to wash it down with some of this:

(skip ahead a minute or so to get to the clips)

and, of course, some of this for dessert:

(I love Megan Mullally's reactions. And you know she could have sung that right along with them, too.)

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  1. Hey, did you know that Forbidden Broadway is the funniest show in New York?

    Also, I think you and I need to master the Les Miz confrontation song.