Friday, May 29, 2009

Some Cats Know

Holy cow is life crazy!

So, as noted in the photo-posts, I've been traveling a little lately. At the moment, I'm in Grand Junction, having driven up to SLC and back this week in order to rehearse "Making Waves". I've just printed up the final script of that for our SLAC performance in July, and now I'm facing a lot (LOT) of memorizing in the weeks to come. Whoo-boy.

I got to go play with Emily yesterday, which was delightful. We went out to dinner, stocked up on treats at Target and snuck them into a movie theater to see "X-Men Origins: Wolverine!" Then lots of talking in the car until way past bedtime, as we usually do. It's been a good week for seeing old friends: in addition to seeing Heidi, Katharine, Melissa, and Andy at rehearsal, I also got to spend a few hours at good ol' DPJH eating curry and playing Rock Band with Ben, Janelle (and the kiddos), and John. Erin even stopped by!

My parents have been very helpful this week with getting everything done. Thanks to them, my car's been fixed (again), I found a second pair of shoes to take on the trip, I found some great cheap long pants to pack along (a surprisingly difficult task), and I've had a nice mini-vacation relaxing with them. Well, not so much relaxing, but it's still been nice. They'll be cat-sitting for the next month, and after two days alone with the beast while I was in SLC, they declared that she needed to be shaved lest they both choke to death on all of the fine gray fur floating around the house. So, as shown on Shot-a-Day:

Furry Nash

Shaved Nash

Bright and early tomorrow morning I'll be driving back to Denver (sans "Meows", sadly). I'm leaving early with the intention of getting there in time to see a 1:00 showing of "Brothers Bloom" with Rachel and co. It'll be a crazy two days getting everything settled and so on, but with luck, I'll be able to leave for Spain on Tuesday, totally prepared.


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