Monday, August 17, 2009

Marry Me/A Quiet Thing

A vignette:

I actually made it to Sunday School yesterday for the first time since I got my calling in January (that hour in between is just too tempting to use for getting other things done!). And what do you think the lesson was about? Marriage, of course!

The teacher handled it about as well as she could have in a singles ward. She showed a video at one point. In between clips from talks by Presidents Hunter and Hinckley, there was this awful, cheesy church music video. The kind with a synthesized, high-pitched sentimental song played over clips of a family going horseback riding and playing Frisbee. When they ran out of family activities, the video switched to a montage of chandeliers from different temples. It was terrible enough that my neighbor, Nick, nudged me.

"I'm actually feeling inspired," he whispered.

"Oh, yeah?" I whispered back.

"Yeah. You seem really spiritual, being Relief Society President and all. You want to get married?"

"Sure," I shrugged. "Why not? How's Tuesday for you?"

"Well, I have a doctor's appointment Tuesday, so maybe in the evening?"

"I don't know," I said, "I have to leave for school by 6:00 the next morning...."

"We can totally make it work. We meet at the temple around 5 or 6, and the ceremony takes, what, five minutes?"

"True. Plus, we'd get everyone off our backs."

"Exactly," he nodded.

So perhaps there was something to the connections my Young Women's leaders drew between going to Sunday School and finding a husband!