Monday, December 07, 2009

I'm Not that Smart

While poking around a little online this weekend, I found a blog written by a CCS volunteer in Tanzania this past summer. For reasons I am not sure of, I'm feeling quite drawn to this particular destination. Even despite reading stories like this one and reading her exclamations about having hot water while one safari one weekend (does that mean there's no hot water at the CCS house? Oh, dear.)

What may not have been smart is telling my parents the story. I know my mom frets while I'm traveling, so it was probably not the kindest thing to feed her imagination like that.

Speaking of unwise moves, I can add my sudden plans to craft a bunch of gifts for Christmas to that list. The craft-muses are singing, but I hardly have time to plan, let alone execute their ideas.

Let's see what I can get done in ten minutes or so I have before bedtime, at least.


  1. ". . . I like my hair"

  2. I feel it my duty to remind you of my great and terrible glue gun fiasco of 2001. Please for the sake of your sanity and appendages start before Christmas Eve or not at all!