Friday, July 02, 2010

In Which I Have Too Much Free Time

It's Friday afternoon here in Thailand.

As expected, we had a small turnout for English class this morning. Eunice and I reviewed pronouns, went over the use of do/does/would, and played a modified version of Taboo.

Phra Bart cancelled all meditation classes for this afternoon, and there's no community class on Fridays. So, here I am at 1:30 pm with absolutely nothing to do for the rest of the day.


I've already been online for a while. I did some research for our shopping trip tomorrow. I have some more things I wanted to get before leaving Thailand and Eunice, Oscar, and Sean are all up for a daytrip, so we're heading to Bangkok tomorrow. Paul is leaving for Bangkok tonight - he flies home on Saturday, but he's going to meet up with us in Bangkok to hang out again for a little bit.

We're going to the granddaddy of markets in Bangkok - Chatuchak market. They say you can find anything and everything (including some endangered animals for sale, although they've been cracking down on that) in the market that has over 6000 stalls over a space of 5 football fields. I've got a pretty specific list of items to find, which should make the experience more doable.

I also wanted to find an English bookstore to tide me over for the last week. I've been reading the items I happened to have on my iPhone Kindle app, which means this week I've been re-reading all of L.M. Montgomery's works. I'm reading at a rate of a book a day, which doesn't bode well for my supplies lasting.

In my research, I noticed that two of the Thai bookstores that are known for having a decent English section were located in "Siam Paragon". It turns out that that's this huge luxury mall - it has a full aquarium in the basement, an international grocery store and food court, and a movie theater on the fifth floor that includes an 8-story-tall Imax screen. Dude. I'm willing to bet that it's also totally air conditioned.

It wasn't too hard to talk Eunice into taking a side trip to there after our market excursion. I don't know about the boys; they're talking more along the getting-a-tattoo-on-Kao-San-Road route. We can branch off, though, and get back to the wat on our own.


In any case, I've done the necessary research, I firgured out how to ask the kitchen staff for a Bento Box for my dinner tonight all by myself (desperation drove me to it - I've had Ramen and a yogurt for dinner four times this week), and all I have to entertain me for the hours and hours between now and bedtime is... yet another L.M. Montgomery novel? Rewatch a few episodes of "QI" on my laptop? Sew? I don't know.

It's annoying how far away this wat is from anything else.

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  1. Too much Free time in Thailand? Oh, how I envy you and your glamorous travel experience! I did go to Wal-Mart today, which is sort of like visiting a foreign country...but not as cool. Live it up, my friend. You'll be back in the mundane world all too soon.