Friday, April 22, 2011

Hernando's Hideaway

So... I have this blog entry that I don't want to share with the whole world.  I certainly don't mind sharing it with you, dear family/friends/former students, just not with Random Stranger McGee.

My probably-overcomplicated-as-I-am-sure-Ben-will-prove-by-suggesting-a-far-better-choice-within-seconds-of-reading-this solution was to make a seperate blog that's private.

If you don't mind a little extra work to read an entry, just let me know - send me an email (chitarita at yahoo) or leave a comment (as long as I have your email address).   I'll send you an invite.

Sorry about the hassle, though.  You'll see why when you click over.  And I promise I'll keep posting here per usual.

Happy Friday!


  1. Your solution is an excellent one.

  2. Martha8:57 PM

    Ok, you have caught my curiosity. If I am not too close of family (or too far), I would like to see. But totally would not be offended if you don't.