Friday, May 20, 2011


We're DONE! Yay!!

Classes are over, finals are graded and in the computer, and I'm keeping the same classroom next year (first time in three years!) so I don't have to pack everything up to move.

Monday's a half-day for teachers. We have faculty meeting, then time to work on whatever we need to. Me, I have one last kiddo coming in Monday to take a final and then I get to do all my filing and tidying up. My office has some great bookcases in it, but they're filled with old French and Spanish materials. (Hey - Spanish! It just occurred to me that I should borrow a workbook or dictionary to get ready for Peru! Handy!) I'm going to box those up and claim the shelves for all of my books. Bwah, ha, ha.

I'm looking forward to Monday - I can get up at 5:45 instead of 4:45; I can wear jeans; and I get time to crank up my music, kick off my shoes, and get organized. Putting things in alphabetical order makes me happy, you know?

Today's actually a half-day, too. They finally figured out what a waste of time it was to have kids go to all their classes the last day when they took half of their finals the day before. (I usually just pull out my stash of board games to keep them occupied for the 90 minute sessions.) John, Tiffany, and I are getting out of here soon. I'm going to celebrate the shortened day/start of summer by taking myself out to lunch and then to Tattered Cover to look for guidebooks for Peru. An excellent way to spend the afternoon, if I say so myself.

Last Day

Whoo! Summer! Whoo!

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