Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Luxury of Time

For all of my fretting this spring about having an open summer, I am keeping surprisingly busy.  Not school-year busy and definitely not show-season busy, but pleasantly-accomplishing-things-in-a-timely-and-orderly-manner busy.

It's delightful.

If I need to get groceries do you know what I do?  I go get them.  I don't have to make do on food storage for four days or choose between groceries and socializing or try to time my grocery needs to match my prop/paint runs.  I just go get them.  What?!  Crazy talk!

The same thing goes for a hundred different tasks; many of which, to my delight, are just things that I want to do.  I separate my needs from my wants, and then I take Jack's advice and do both.  (Within financial reason, that is.  If I truly lived as Jack advocates, I would be writing this blog entry from a four star hotel in India.)

I still have nights where I stay up too late or days when I'm dashing from one thing to the next.  I had to skip breakfast this morning, and I am grabbing the few minutes I have between home teachers and book club to (finally) update my blog; but you know what?  I feel like a human being again, and a well-balanced one at that.

And best of all?  The workman is installing a new AC unit Saturday morning.  That means in 1.5 days I get to feel like a human being who is not living in the Sahara Desert!

(Additional evidence:  No Bob Marleys)


  1. 1. At some point this blog (and another one I know of) really does need to be written from a 4 star hotel in India.

    2. Just remember that you paid lots of money and traveled thousands of miles so that you could be a human being living in the Sahara Desert. And it was awesome.

    1. It was awesome. I was reading Adam Ellis' new book and he had a line in it something like "Everyone should have an adult camping experience." I was quite proud that my own (and only) adult camping experience is that one. :)

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