Thursday, January 30, 2014

Run Away!

Tomorrow I'm flying to Chicago.

It's a quick weekend trip - out Friday, back Sunday.  I'm meeting Jason (naturally) and my parents (yay!) to see Lookingglass' new adaptation of The Little Prince (a book whose adaptability is still uncertain to me; but if anyone can get it right, Lookingglass can).  We'll also be eating delicious food and catching up and generally enjoying running away from home and work for slightly under 48 hours.

Granted, Chicago is perhaps not the first destination that springs to one's mind when one thinks about a mid-winter getaway.  It's snowing in Denver right now; it's supposed to snow in Chicago tomorrow and Saturday.  Since our planned itinerary minimizes outdoor exposure (i.e. the distance from building door to cab door), I'm not too concerned.  Rather, this trip has been the light at the end of the Speech season tunnel, and my eyes have been fixed on it for a long while now.

To make it even more shiny, just moments ago I got a call from MTHS.  I answered, expecting a delayed start.  Nope!  They're closing the district tomorrow!  Snow day!

The moment I hung up I was on Frontier's website looking for earlier flights.  Well, first I checked my school email because I always panic that such phone calls aren't real and that I won't show up for a day of school that should have been.  Once I confirmed that school is indeed closed tomorrow, I booked myself an earlier flight.

I'm pretty stoked that not only do I get a weekend away; I get a weekend away without rushing to the airport after rehearsal AND after getting a good night's sleep.  Such luxury!

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