Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Lipstick and Yogurt

When Jenn said she had an appointment to do something for about 30 minutes in SoHo, I wondered what it could be.

When she told me it was to visit the only storefront for Bite, I asked what it was for.

When she described how their "Lip Lab Artists" create custom-made lipstick for you, I asked if I could join the fun.

When she said she was hoping I would, I was thrilled.

They mix pigments from the various pots on a transparency over white paper using a small palette knife.

The scent station (clockwise from top left) - mint, mango, violet, cherry, citrus mango, and mixed berries

I wound up with two shades - a more natural day one (scented with citrus mango and mint)
and a darker night one (violet-scented)

And when we discovered a Chobani cafe a block away and agreed that we needed try both a sweet and a savory dish* right away before meeting up with the others to shop...

... we had a perfectly lovely afternoon in SoHo.

*The sweet was pistachios, dark chocolate flakes, sliced orange, fresh mint, clover honey on plain yogurt.  The savory was mango, avocado, jalapeƱos, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt,
fresh cilantro, lime juice, on plain yogurt served with blue corn tortilla chips.  They were both outstanding and are not pictured here because we were distracted by the deliciousness.

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