Friday, February 06, 2015

New York Days 2&3

Since it took me five weeks to finish the entry on our day in Brooklyn, I'm going to shorthand the summary of the rest of our Christmas trip.  Please forgive the brevity.

Per usual, we commenced our weekend in New York with a late-night snack.  Thanks to some quick Yelp searching, we found this place less than a block from our hotel:

Indian food wrapped in flatbread served in delicious snack-sized portions.  Yum!

Dad and Jenn, wrapped in knitwear and with awesome boots, ordering some chai tea.

Guess where we ate breakfast?  I bet Jason knows!

There was a Christmas market (not German-style, sadly) near our hotel.  We shopped well.
Jenn found a booth from Max Brenner.

We found a fabulous little Italian restaurant near the Bite store where Jenn and I spent part of the day on Sunday.  We ordered many things and shared them all.  May the pictures convey how delicious everything was:

The exterior of the restaurant:

And Dad found an Italian bakery with cookies to keep us company on our walk back to Time Square:

Sunday night Andy and Jenn went to see "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" while Mom, Dad, and I went to "You Can't Take It With You".  It's a charming romantic comedy from 1938 with the tried-and-true plot about a young woman introducing her wacky family to the man she hopes to marry.  The cast was fun (James Earl Jones, Mark Linn Baker, Annaleigh Ashford, and others) and the production strong, but it wasn't outstanding.

Monday we visited a dealer of antiquities that Mom has ordered Egyptian artifacts from in the past, poked through the Garment District, noted the Jewish competition for "Elf on the Shelf":

discovered a transplanted bit of Tokyo:

and sought out some delicious pork buns in Chinatown:

all before heading to MOMA.

MOMA was packed!  I've never seen it so busy:

The crowds of people coupled with the stress of the week actually caused me a bit of an anxiety attack.  That was a fun first.  I wound up locking myself in a bathroom for quite a bit of the time we all allotted ourselves to explore the museum.  Not my best experience there.  I did explore some of the temporary exhibits and tracked down some familiar favorites to take pictures with people in front of them for scale for my Humanities class:

We walked back towards Times Square.  New York really is fun during the holidays, and one of my favorite touches was these Oldenburg-esque sculptures:

We all went to see "It's Only a Play," which we picked largely because of the cast (Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, F. Murray Abraham, Stockard Channing, Megan Mullaly, and Rupert Grint).  It's a hilarious play about theater-types waiting for the first reviews to come from the opening of their new play.  Filled with celebrity jokes, pop culture references, and the wink-wink kind of humor that makes theater-goers especially smug with satisfaction; it was really very fun to see.

Mom and Dad branched off afterwards to see the Rockerfeller tree while Andy, Jenn, and I picked up some late-night snacks at Schnipper's Kitchen.  We met back at the hotel for our usual late-night post-show debriefing and closed out the end of a wonderful trip in New York.

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