Saturday, March 19, 2016

4 Hours in Dubai

Which, alas, is not long enough to dash downtown and earn another passport stamp.

After a long but uneventful flight over the North Pole, we arrived in Dubai just in time for lunch.  And look:

Le Pain!

It was a subpar meal, for Le Pain but still nice to be out of the cramped plane seats.

We also found:

After explaining to Justin that it is not a question of which bakery to eat at but rather a question of which order you visit them; we each purchased a pastry and found our gate.

This airport is huge, comparatively unpopulated, quiet, and reminiscent of the Seoul airport.  We'll board our next flight in about 30 minutes, but for now I'm enjoying the atmosphere of being Somewhere Different.

(Albeit likewise familiar.)

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  1. We were at the Dubai airport just a few weeks ago when we had a layover there on our way to Joburg. Those blue chairs look familiar. :)