Monday, March 08, 2010

Do You Wanna Dance?

Have I told you how awesome my sister is?

Hanging out with my sister is probably my favorite perk of living in Denver. This Saturday, for example. We went to see a matinee of Alice in Wonderland (meh for the movie - aside from the occasional awesome Burtonesque visual image, this review pretty much sums up my disappointed sentiments), got dinner at Parisi's, ran to the grocery store (we both needed to), and then went back to her place to watch Every Little Step. I definitely recommend that one if you're into theater/dance (especially to you, Kelley), and not just because you get to watch Tyce Diorio not get cast because of his ego (I'll be much happier with So You Think You Can Dance when they get Susan Stroman to show them what the Broadway dance style is supposed to look like).

It was a great way to spend the latter part of the day. There just isn't that many people who would agree with my opinions on Alice AND want to watch a documentary about A Chorus Line AND share a mutual fondness for Kevin Kline just because of his turn as a Pirate King.

Sunday night I joined Rachel, Ben, the Walkers, and others at Brian's house for his annual Oscars party. Good food, snarky comments - 'twas worth staying up two hours past my bedtime.

When I dragged my tired self out of bed this morning to drive to school, the one thing I was looking forward to today was getting to see my sister again. She is choreographing three dances for our musical and has come about once a week to teach my white mountain town students some African dance moves. She covered the opening song of the show today, and I really like where it's going. Her philosophy is "If I can do the move at 7 months pregnant, you can do it!"

So we'll have at least three good dance numbers for the show, I get to watch my sister teach my students (which I get a big kick out of), and I get to see her a little during the week. There's not really a good reason for her to drive and hour and a half on her day off to teach dance to a bunch of distracted high schoolers, but I'm really glad she's doing it. 'Cause she's awesome.

P.S. For no reason other than wanting to see if they figure it out, I haven't told my students that the choreographer is my sister. It helps that we don't have the same last name and we don't look like we're related. During the first dance rehearsal, though, one girl said, "I can tell that you and Miss Mason are really good friends."

"Oh, yeah?" I said.

"Yeah. You're both very passionate. And energetic. And kind of..." (she does a move very much like Mrs. Fox describing how her son is "different.")

Which I take to be a very nice compliment.


  1. Aww, what a nice entry! Thanks for the compliments. I'm enjoying working with your kids too, seeing you direct and getting a glimpse of your school life. How well did they remember the opening number the day after I taught them?

  2. Thanks for the recommendation - now I have something to do while Mark's on his business trip this week. :)