Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Grass is Always Greener

Well, now I'm in a pickle!

You've offered me such tempting choices. I got so excited with each new comment that I started wishing for war. I would be terribly disappointed to not do this program, but you had me almost hoping for an excuse not to go to Thailand.

Not that I could choose between you. Oh, no. I want to do all of those things - go to see Meg and her boys in MA, tromp about Canada with Emily, and rustle up those traces of Spanish I learned in my stint at STMS with Brenda. Oh, why did my summer get so booked up? Why am I not independently wealthy? Why must I wait until later vacations for such fun?

Because here's the travel update:

I talked to the Global Service Corps peeps yesterday. They have been in constant contact with their counterparts in Thailand and with the State department, and they tell me this:
  • The provinces where I'd be working are not on the "unsafe provinces" list.
  • The airport is actually quite a ways outside of Bangkok, and
  • The State department said that the airport is safe.
  • GSC is also changing the itineraries to completely avoid Bangkok: instead of the scheduled opening weekend of touring around the city, I'd be taken directly to the placement site.
Essentially, GSC is saying they're taking every precaution, and they believe it can be safe.

And I believe them. The protest leaders surrendered today; and although a remainder of the Red Shirts went on an arsonistic looting spree through the city, I think it's the beginning of the end.


So, I might still be going, but it's not certain. I read the news headlines every few hours, scanning for more information on which way it's going to go. I look at the photos (like these, for example) and can't believe I might be going there shortly. Well, not there. Near there. The same country as there.

In any case, this arrived today in the mail:


And if in the end I can't use it, at least I have some fantastic alternatives to choose from.

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