Monday, May 10, 2010

I Want to Break Free

1. I tried writing a post about the plays of the last two weeks, but I'm having a hard time coming up with words about them. I'm going to let that one simmer for a while longer.

2. I (FINALLY) got my reissued passport in the mail. And then I got my original renewal copy in the mail. Because the postal system is a fan of irony.

3. I put my passport in the mail today to fetch a visa. It was terribly nerve-wracking to send it off so shortly after getting it. Treat it well, FedEx!

4. I talked my way into speaking at church next Sunday. No, I'm not complaining. I like speaking in public, and it'll be nice to have a spiritual task to focus on this week. Plus, it might help me pay more attention in church.

5. I outlined my talk during Relief Society on Sunday. So much for it getting me to pay more attention in church.

6. I'm leaning strongly towards using this entry from last fall as a focal point in my talk. I'm curious to see how it goes. Also, I think I'll be the first (in my ward, at least) to quote from a blog entry rather than a journal/Bible dictionary/Webster's dictionary//pioneer account/conference talk.

7. Lovely school-free weekend of activities:
  • Dressed up and got last-minute discount tickets for a show at the DCPA with Rachel a la high school days
  • Unlike high school days, did not get lost driving home from theater with Rachel
  • Slept in!
  • Lunch at Star Thai with Rachel and Ben
  • Followed by Sweet Action ice cream
  • Followed by Fancy Tiger
  • Followed by Tattered Cover
  • Followed by clothes shopping for Thailand
  • Followed by Borders
  • Followed by Cafe Rio take-out for dinner
  • Sunday surplus meetings canceled due to Mother's Day, so I only had 3 hours of church!
  • Pot-luck BBQ/Doctor Who with the gang at Brian's. I brought this.
8. Students are still upset that school's not over yet. I had hoped they would get over it over the weekend, but today was the worst yet. I had to get out the Box of Doom for the freshman.

9. I am taking my Humanities class outside Wednesday to sketch nature. Because how else does one learn about the Impressionists?

10. They're predicting 2 feet of snow on Wednesday.

11. It's nice to be able to carpool again.

12. I love my mom. She's awesome.

13. I'm going to try not to spend any money between now and Saturday.

14. I'm feeling broke again. I try to convince myself that it's okay, since Thailand is now virtually paid for. Still, broke.

15. I want to post the classical music listening test I gave my Humanities class last Friday for you all. Anyone know how to go about posting a music listening test on my blog?

16. When we were warming up before the musical performances, the cast pleaded with me to hold off opening house so we could sing Snip Snip. Other theater teachers may give their students their first tastes of Lloyd Webber or Les Mis. I create Shockheaded Peter fans.

17. Anyone know a good place to shave a cat in Denver?


  1. Tell ya FedEx me the cat and I will shave it for you as soon as I finish with Ben and Logan! I am glad you survived and I am happier still that you rewarded yourself justly in the form of books and Cafe Rio!

  2. There is no good place to shave a cat anywhere on this earth. As John McCrea would like to remind you:

    "the more you try to shave a cat,
    the more the thing will bite and scratch.
    It's best I think to leave its fur,
    And to listen to its silky purr.."

    And seriously--2 feet of snow???

  3. Ahh, Shockheaded Peter - I had almost forgotten :) Love the set design BTW!!