Thursday, February 03, 2011

Slide a Little Closer

We did have school today, albeit late. And, oh, it was nice to start at 9:00!

Aside from the obligatory student complaints about having to come for "just one day of school," things went back to normal quickly. Classes, lunch, classes, rehearsal.

The drive home, though, was not so fun. It started snowing during the last class of the day. They had predicted "light flurries," but it was a bit more than that.

I slid quite a bit coming up one of the steeper hills. This was after passing three cars that had completely slid off the road in the muddy slush that was left uncleared by the two snow plows I passed in the opposite lane. I almost followed them off the road but instead got stuck on the shoulder. Every time I tried to go forward, I slid more to the right; that is, more towards the cliff's edge.

Eventually, between the bursts of traffic climbing past the wreck behind me, I managed to reverse myself to a place of traction and merge back onto the main road. The highway past that hill was snow-packed and a bit icy, but not as slippery-slushy as the other.

It took an extra 30 minutes, but I am home again with no damage to me or my car. Hurrah!

And, even better,
Tomorrow = Teacher Inservice Day = No Rehearsal = Carpool = John drives through the snowy roads instead of me.

Hurrah encore!

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