Thursday, December 08, 2011


After a week of auditions, we've got a cast for the spring musical!  (Did I tell you yet that it's Beauty and the Beast?  I don't recall if I mentioned that.) 

I think Rachel, Jesse, and I have found our groove when it comes to the audition/casting process - things went smoothly and we were relatively quick in the decision-making.  Of course, it helped that Jesse and I were late getting to call-backs thanks to a lengthy faculty meeting and Jesse had an orchestra concert tonight he had to dash off to as soon as we had the major and minor leads settled.  Between those two events we were highly motivated to move the call-backs along at a brisk pace.

I'll post the cast list tomorrow and deal with the usual wave of emotions.  I'm also taking my Advanced Drama class to see "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" at the DCTC tomorrow, which means

1) I don't have to teach-teach (if you know what I mean) except for an hour at the start of the day!
2) I do have to make sub plans for my other two classes!
3) I get to see a play with my students!
4) I have to make double trips up and down the mountain!
5) We have to run up to grab lunch on the 16th Street Mall in less than 20 minutes after the show to get back to school in time for the kids to catch their buses!
6) This time none of my kids are in wheelchairs or on crutches, so there's a chance we can do that in the allotted time!

I'm also very excited because my parents are coming to town for the weekend for some Jack-time/Christmas shopping.  I haven't seen them since Labor Day, and I very much need a recharging weekend.  One that's spent in good company far, far away from speech meets sounds just right.  Plus, when it's over I only have 4.5 more days of school left before the break!

As you might be able to tell, my mood's improved since earlier this week.  I attribute this to
a) only having 4.5 days of school left,
b) finishing several major projects at work, and
c) decorating my home.

I took Jason's advice, you see, and set up a little Christmas pyramid to add a little holiday mood to my place:

Christmas Decor 2011

And then I figured while I was at it, I could hang up a wreath.  I didn't figure out a way to hang up a wreath without pounding a nail in my front door (probably verboten), so I hung up my mom's geese instead:

Christmas Decor 2011

But then I wanted my wooden back-lit German scene-thing (the proper name for it escapes me), so I bundled up and trekked across the parking lot to my garage to get another box of Christmas decorations.

I found it

Christmas Decor 2011

but I also found this

Christmas Decor 2011

which led to my fireplace mantle looking like this:

Christmas Decor 2011

The rest of that box was only filled with tree ornaments, which made me fret over where my creches were. So I bundled up and braved my ice-slick of a parking lot again to dig through my garage and find the other two boxes of Christmas decorations. There were my little creches:

Christmas Decor 2011

But also my bigger pyramid (plus some more little German creches):

Christmas Decor 2011

At that point in my "If you give a mouse a cookie" experience, I figured that as long as I had all of those tree decorations out...

So I donned my coat a third time and went to the garage to find the little tree Grandma Cook gave me back in college.

Christmas Decor 2011

And thus my home was decorated. Even if I am the only one to see it and it's only for a few days, it really does make me happier. I love white Christmas lights and candlelight. I also love that when I light candles, I get to put them out with the bejeweled candle-snuffer Jason gave me a few years ago:

Christmas Decor 2011

If only I had a long, flowing white nightgown in which I could drift about snuffing candles!

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