Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Weekend Off

My parents came to town this weekend for some pre-Christmas shopping/Jack-time.  We ate out; shopped at Edward's Meats, the Mills, and the 16th Street Mall; and even squeezed in a quick trip to the LoDo Tattered Cover.  I went hunting for Amelie Nothomb books, since I read Fear and Trembling this week and am now completely enamored with her writing.  Alas, there's only two of her books available on the Kindle in English (Fear and Trembling being one of those), and even more alas, Tattered Cover did not carry any of her books whatsoever.  I actually had to go on Amazon today and purchase three books that I now have to wait, like, an entire week to get instead of mere seconds.  And then I'll have to carry them around and physically turn the pages!  Buying paper books on!  What is this world coming to?

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing my parents, as always, even though the preceding weeks so completely wiped me out that I fell asleep on Rachel's couch at 9:00 last night.  When the parents woke up me up as they were leaving, they insisted (wisely and kindly) on driving me home when I could neither stop yawning nor keep my eyes open for more than 30 seconds.

Remarkably, I did wake up in time for church today.  One of my friends there asked about the Paris trip saying, "I thought about you a lot that week, and, I will admit, it was with jealously." 

As little sense as it may make, I'm jealous of me too.  When I think back over the trip, I get jealous of two-weeks-ago me eating good food and seeing good art.  Spoiled girl!

I've almost finished my Christmas shopping, although I've barely started my Christmas crafting.  I'm eager to wrap up this semester so I can get cracking on my projects list.  The only after-school activity I have this week is the first musical rehearsal tomorrow, so I'm hoping I can do some of the preliminary crafting soon.  'Tis the season for unrealistic DIY project goals that I have no idea how to actually bring to fruition!  Ho, ho, ho!

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