Monday, February 13, 2012

Not Your Average Cold

This is not your average cold.  No, this is a kick-you-in-the-back-until-you-fall-down-then-sit-on-your-chest kind-of cold.

It's a very good thing I called in sick today, since I am still running a fever.  I slept in, then packed my sweaty-and-shivering-self in the car to run some unavoidable errands.  Happily, in the course of those errands I found a large fake plastic fish.

After a grocery store stop to get more juice, I packed up for the week and headed back up to Mountain Town.  Fever or not, I need to go back to school tomorrow.  I've got a show this week and there is nothing worthwhile I can leave for a sub to do with my Humanities class.  That's one of the less-mentioned downsides to teaching classes without textbooks - it's next to impossible to come up with plans at the last minute that a substitute can execute.  Can I trust just anybody to teach my students about Hellenism?  I think not!

What I didn't buy but should have is a giant bottle of Lysol spray.  I need to disinfect all of the props.  There's too many sick people about this time of year, and the cast is sharing (and fake-drinking from) 75 plastic mugs.  Ew.

On the plus side, the sight of my blanched, shivering, hacking self at rehearsal tomorrow should add credence to the lecture I gave the cast about not making out with each other.  As I said, there's too many sick people about.

P.S.  Does that imply that I'm involved in the making out?  Because no.  Really, really, really, no.  Ew.

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  1. Of course it's sitting on your chest! That's what you get for being a GOTHIC HEROINE. I just hope you're living up to it by languishing properly. I mean, if you haven't spent the day like this (, then I'm pretty sure you've been doing something wrong...