Monday, December 24, 2012

Well Done, Mr. Director!

When Jason suggested his visit, I immediately went hunting for show tickets. There weren't a lot of shows playing, given the holiday and all, but I did suggest both Nutcracker and the DCTC's performance of White Christmas.   Jason said he was game for both, so back to the ticket sites I went, deliberating over the weekend's schedule.  I figured Nutcracker would be the better production, and ballet feels fancier than a musical, so I was inclined to see that show at a Christmas Eve matinee and White Christmas on Sunday night.  But then I checked the weather reports and found that it was supposed to snow the evening of the 24th.  It was only a 30% chance, but the directorial possibility was too irresistible for me to pass up.

The show itself was what you would expect from a formulaic 50's musical - weak book, thin plot, catchy songs, and fun dancing (although the ballroom dance/pas de deux towards the beginning had several ballet lifts that just paled in comparison to the gracefulness of the dancers we had seen the night before.  They also illustrated well why you wear a tutu and not a bulky dress for such things).  It ended, of course, with fancy red-and-white outfits, an audience sing-along, and copious amounts of fake snow falling on the audience and on stage.

Ah, but then we walked outside and just as we (and everyone in the audience I imagine) had hoped - it was just beginning to snow.  Tiny white flakes were falling, and the sidewalks were just barely powdered.  With the white Christmas lights of downtown and the songs stuck in our heads, it was exactly how I would have staged it myself.


It was totally worth the sliding my car did on the way home, even when I almost hit a stop sign trying to turn into a parking lot.  We made it safely though, and by the time we got home there was more than a dusting.

Christmas Eve

The snow kept up through the night, leaving us with a couple of inches on the ground for a sunny White Christmas morning but a clear forecast for our day of travel on the 26th.

Absolutely perfect, if I do say so myself.

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