Thursday, February 28, 2013

Weird Props

Another show, another strange set of props to make.

No sparkling dog dishes or flashing mirrors this time.  Instead, I spent the better part of this evening making a fake fashion catalogue, Photoshopping a student onto a 1980's laser background, and looking up headshots of 80's heartthrobs.

Speaking of which, does anyone else remember this game?

This show has caused more flashbacks than I can count.  The fun of stumbling onto long-forgotten relics of my childhood almost makes up for the number of things my born-around-2000 students have never heard of (Atari, DOS, and "Heroes in a half shell - Turtle Power!" for example).

Come to think of it, have I told you what show we're doing?  I'm not sure I have.  We're doing Back to the 80's: The Totally Awesome Musical.  It's your standard jukebox-kinda show - great playlist, weak book, tons of references that Jesse, Rachel, and I have to explain to the students.

Hence the night of 80's hotties.  Here are just a few of the photos I'm printing for "Let's Hear It For the Boy":

Whew!  Try to contain yourselves, ladies.  

This should be a fun print job to explain to the front office tomorrow morning.

While it's been a night of Googling images, I'm just relieved I'm not making is a life-sized car out of cardboard.  What kind of show requires a full-sized vintage car on stage that actors can dance on? I ask you!

Now if someone will just loan me a 1980's white brick-style cell phone..

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