Tuesday, April 01, 2014

A Visitor

Guess who came to town for a quick weekend trip?

This guy!

(Insert picture of Jason here.)

I know what you're thinking.  You're thinking that a savvy blogger such as myself surely would have remembered to take a picture or two of an event such as this.  And you'd be correct.  I did, after all, document all of our meals:

Orange French Toast at Bang!

Ham and Swiss Melt at Bang!

Buffalo Burger at Ted's

Not Pictured:
- The peach cobbler a la mode at the Alamo 
- Jason

But that's okay.  You all know what he looks like by now, right?

It truly was a quick trip - we spent a Saturday afternoon seeing the sights of Denver and its surrounding neighborhoods, then met up with my friends.  Rachel, Fara, and Lisa joined us to see "Monuments Men" at the Alamo.  (Tammy came to dinner with us but had to skip the movie to chaperone a youth dance.)  As always, I enjoyed closing a gap between some of my circles of friends; and the consensus all around seems to be that Jason needs to come back for another visit soon.

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