Tuesday, April 01, 2014

The Shows

In addition to crafting, housekeeping, and generally Getting Things Done; I got to see three movies and a ballet during my spring break.

On Tuesday Lisa and I went to see Divergent, mostly because we wanted to see a movie.  I've read the series, and the movie lived up to my expectations.  It's fine, and many of my students saw it over the break as well, but I can't say I'd recommend it.

I would, however, gladly recommend The Lego Movie.  Lisa took her grandkids to see it Thursday and invited me to join her.  I promptly called up Rachel and invited Jack to join me so I could play the aunt for a morning.  Jack had seen it twice at this point and was quick to tell me all about which parts he was going to laugh at this time.  I had heard good things about the movie, and was pleased to find they were true - witty script, fun story, great animation.  It actually made my excited to go to LegoLand this summer, and I'm getting closer every day to getting "Everything is Awesome!" out of my head.

Friday night Fara, Dave, and I went to the Alamo to see The Grand Budapest Hotel.  It's everything I love about Wes Anderson movies with a charming Ralph Finnes to boot.  The Alamo had a photo booth display set up in their lobby:

and I hear rumors from Rachel that a bakery in town is recreating the Courtesan au Chocolate.  I may have to hunt them down this weekend.

Finally, Lisa invited me to take her spare ticket for Colorado Ballet's "Director's Choice" spring concert Saturday night.  She has season tickets with some fellow teachers from her school.  We had dinner at John Holly's Asian Bistro before heading to the Newman Center for the show.  The program involved three modern ballet pieces.  There were moments of loveliness in the execution and in the dancing, but the choreography as a whole was unremarkable.  The company was fun; and I was thrilled that I not only had the time this week to enjoy so much socializing, but I even had time to create purple curls for an evening out!

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