Saturday, July 05, 2014

Home (ish)!

After a long day of travel we arrived back at SeaTac 2.5 hours before we left Tokyo.  Time travel is strange.

It's just after 8 in Seattle.  Jason has unpacked (mostly).  I tried and failed to stay awake while he put things away and started laundry.  Showers helped us both wake up a bit, as did dinner at a nearby Greek place and a trip to the grocery store.



It was really nice to have some variety in cuisine, but I missed eating with chopsticks.  I also miss warming toilet seats.

Time to catch up on those long-awaited blog entries; or at least, time to see how many I can write before the need to actually get a night's sleep catches up with me.

Don't forget to scroll back a bit if you're on the actual blog website - I'm betting they'll get buried in the past week again.

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