Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Morning Glow

I've missed my daily workouts while I've been gone, so I woke up early today and got to Westminster (where we've been rehearsing) two hours before rehearsal. I went to the gorgeous gym on campus (built after my time here, naturally) and inquired about a guest pass for alumni. A little paperwork and $6.00 later and I had myself a guest pass for the week - woot! I changed into my workout clothes, discovering that hey! You need to bring a combination lock to a gym!, took my purse with me along with my waterbottle and my script, and found an elliptical on the bottom level.

The facility was pretty quiet (not surprising, since it was 7:00 am in the middle of summer), and I had a lovely 40-minute workout on a much nicer machine than my one at home. I even ran all of my lines, which probably made the few people who walked by wonder about the crazy lady in the orange pants with green shoes who was talking to herself. As I mouthed the last of my paragraphs, I grabbed my stuff and headed for the showers only to discover that hey! You need bring a towel to a gym!

(Side note: I had a friend in college who was very squemish about some things. She once heard a radio DJ offer someone $500 to lick a tanning bed, and she obsessed about the grossness of that for weeks. WEEKS.

If you're at all like that friend, then please just pretend that I made that discovery before I got in the shower and got all wet and that it turned out that the gym actually provides all of its guests as many lovely, fluffy white towels as they want and I dried off and it was all perfect. The end.

The rest of you, read on.)

I think I found a very creative solution to the problem - I wrapped my workout shirt around my head turban-style to dry my hair, and I used my terry-cloth-like workout pants to dry off the rest of me, avoiding the sweatier parts of the fabric as best I could.

In trying to figure out what to do, I did consider my recent adventures in Turkey. I am, after all, awesome at being naked, and I thought about just walking out of the stall dripping wet to find an outlet to plug in my hairdryer. Sadly, while this was a nice gym, it was no hamam.

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