Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stool Boom!

As I mentioned before, I bought a vanity at the Antique Market. The stool that came with it was covered in a basic white fabric, like so:

Old Cover 1

and I decided that I wanted to reupholster it. I blame going a year without needing to make any sets, props, or costumes. But can you blame me?

Old Cover 2

So blah.

With Rachel and Miranda's fabulous company/opinions, last Saturday I picked up this pretty, off-white fabric embroidered with green vines and orange/yellow flowers. Darn my good taste - it was $45/yard. It was also, however, on sale for 40% off, and I only needed about 20 inches, so I splurged. Rachel, in her sewing wisdom, suggested that I get a bit extra so I went with 24 inches. Good thing, too, since even while ironing carefully, this happened:

Ironing Whoops


After successfully ironing the rest of it, I arranged it on the stool to see how I wanted to line up the pattern. Fortunately, I had help for this part:

Lurking Helper

Well, not so much helping as disdainful looking to reproach me for doing something other than scratching her.

A bit of cutting, stretching, folding, and stapling later, and voila!

New Cover 1

Ain't I handy?

New Cover 2

For the heck of it and for those of you who can't name the musical today's title comes from, here's a little clip for you:

In other news, well, there isn't much. Life just isn't very interesting when I'm not in Turkey. I am cooking delicious things (like these and this) instead of going out to eat, and I'm sleeping according to my natural hours (about 12-8), which I'll have to wean myself off of pretty soon. I'm getting some projects done around the house, as you can tell, and I"m reading a lot. I also get to hang out with Rachel and co. a bit more than usual, including watching one of Rachel's favorite movies with her, the soundtrack of which has given my workouts a nice pick-me-up. Here's a clip:

Tomorrow I'm going to see Harry Potter with some people from the ward, then Thursday I'm off to Junction to hang out with my parents/celebrate my dad's birthday/play with Emily before going to Salt Lake for the next week-and-a-half to rehearse and perform my play. Not a public performance yet, this is just a private preview for the SLAC people before they schedule us in their upcoming season. Believe me, I'll let you know when the public performance is.

So life is good, if a little slow, and I hope your summer is treating you well!

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  1. Your stool is beautiful! (heh...)

    Glad you got some use out of Josie. It is a nice even beat, isn't it?