Wednesday, October 20, 2010

God, I Hope I Get It

I worked through my lunch and stayed at school for two hours beyond after-school speech practice today, but I actually managed to cut Macbeth and cast it. It still had over 20 characters, even after I cut it (from 87 pages to 42!), and it was only with the help of two spreadsheets, several sticky notes, and a lot of rereading of the script that I figured out how to make it work with only 10 actors (two of whom only want small parts).

I'll have to get to school early tomorrow to run off copies of the cut script before class. But they so wanted to know the cast before the long weekend, and I certainly can't blame them for that. Then, during class today when we were talking through the story of the play, Molly leaned forward into the circle and said, "Guys, we should commit right now to doing a good play. Not make it funny or do stupid things for laughs - a GOOD play. So everyone should memorize their lines right away and let's make it awesome."*

And so, despite midterms, a (different) play in two weeks, an away meet on Friday, and a home meet next week, I cut and casted it for them.

They owe me.

* A comment that totally made going to Dracula Monday night worthwhile, since I'm positive her respect for dramatic theater comes directly out of her enjoyment of that show.

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