Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Reckoning

Now we are 31.

My celebration:
  • I called an end to speech practice at 3:15 and got home by 5!
  • I'm going to bed after I post this so I might actually get 8 hours of sleep!
  • (Don't mock me - I'm really excited about this.)
  • A joint-birthday dinner with Miranda and co. on Thursday, cooked by Rachel

What I received:
  • One of my freshmen girls brought me brownies, which brought my Drama class much joy.
  • One of my speech boys brought me a batch of peanut butter cookies, which brought my speechers much joy.
  • One of my speech seniors told me she made me cookies then left them on the counter at home but assured me they were delicious, which brought me much joy.
  • Many students sang to me and wished me well.
  • Several sent messages via text/my whiteboard.
  • A phone call from my brother
  • A sparkly-striped scarf from Paula, my assistant coach
  • Some Philosophy products, stamping supplies, and a Paris guidebook from my parents (and their safe return home from Chicago, also good)
  • A dragonfly umbrella and a butterfly luggage tag from Cedes
  • A book about the wisdom of children's books from Emily
  • A check from my grandparents
My accomplishments this past year:

Read: 83 Books (about 1.5 books per week)
Saw: 25 Plays/Operas, 25 movies (check out that symmetry!)
Plays Produced: 7
Blog Posts: 203
Traveled: Grand Junction, Salt Lake City, Seattle, New York City, Thailand, Chicago, Salt Lake, Cedar City, and a whole lotta speech meets and trips up and down the mountain
Appearances in newspapers: 3
Radio interviews: 2
Performances of play that I co-wrote: 4
State championships: 1
"New" cars: 1

Not bad at all. Bring it on, 31! What've you got for me this year?


  1. Happy Birthday! I'm sorry I can't be celebrating with you tonight! I'm actually still at work, 2 hours into overtime, waiting for my machine to finish rinsing so I can go to my warm bed and hopefully get 8 hours rest before starting over tomorrow. We'll celebrate Thursday!

  2. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Oh Amanda! Your grandmere left me specific instructions to telephone you to wish you a happy birthday, but I fell asleep early and the opportunity was forever lost. Anyway, you are leading an exciting life, and I am proud of you.
    I may phone tonight if I don't have another "senior moment".
    Grandpa Ed

  3. Martha12:03 PM

    Amanda, I also intended on sending you a message on your birthday, but forgot until today. I hope you had a great day! You are the one in our family that I like to point to and show how cultured we are. "Yes, I have a niece that has written a play, it is being performed now". "My niece? Oh, she is in Thailand now, working with monks". etc. You are a very cool niece. Have a great dinner with Rachel and friends!

  4. All day yesterday I kept thinking, "October 19th, what do I have today? I swear this day is important!?" Now I remember why! Happy Belated Birthday - miss you friend!