Monday, December 20, 2010

Brush Up Your Shakespeare (Again)

I found the other Macbeth student plot summary that I wanted to share with you guys:

In McBeth there is a king and prince. Also 3 wierd sisters who can tell the past and future. The 3 wierd sisters told McBeth that he would get 2 medals and then become king.. McBeth ended up going home and killing the king in his own house, with the king as a guest... Then the kings son ran away to England witch was very bad because know hes a guest.. McBeth got his 2nd award witch made him mad with power. He hired 2 assins to kill Zack & Tyler, but only killed Zack. Wen he finally because a king he had a dinner and then saw his ghoast. When he say this he went crazy.. Later we find out that McBeths wife has been sleeping walking rubbing he hands trying to get blood that wasn't there clean. Once his wife dies a batttle comes McBeth dies and the kings son who fled is now KING OF IRELAND :)

Granted, she did a better job following the plot than the last one. Still, we don't have a Tyler in the class and she seems to be a little fuzzy on the geography of the British Isles....

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