Thursday, November 17, 2011

Getting Ready

I'm doing a much better job getting ready for this trip than usual.  Here's a run-down of things I've accomplished so far:

- Air/Hotel/Ballet/Train reservations printed
- Hair cut and dyed
- Nails done (as Rachel documented)
- New purse acquired
- Apartment clean
- Laundry done
- Sub scheduled
- Sub plans written
- Emergency (Oh-no-a-blizzard-just-snowed-me-into-DC!) sub plans written
- Worksheets copied
- Grades up to date
- Shoes selected
- Clothing dilemmas settled (I think)
- iPhone account set up for international needs
- iPhone and iPad backed up and updated
- Reading material selected and downloaded

Really, I'm a lot farther along than usual, given that I usually try to cram all of that into the night before a trip.  In fact, once I post this I'm going to go ahead and pack.  That way I can do my last-minute shopping tomorrow after school and, fingers crossed, get a decent night's sleep before I leave Saturday.  Can you imagine?

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