Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Just in Time!

I was pleased to see this link on Boing Boing today:

You can play the games here.

I came back to school today to an inbox stuffed with emails I had sent myself over the break of things for Humanities. I really need to find a good online bookmarking system for all of these things (the school computers get wiped clean every time you reboot, so I can't store them the normal way). From a good summary of how we wound up with the modern calendar, to a clay animated version of Plato's cave, to photographic art remakes, to historical snippets that give perspectives on things like cheeseburgers, I have a plethora of new items for my curriculum this term.

They eased us into the return from break today with a Teacher Work Day.  I love those student-free days for their outstanding productiveness.  If I had my way, we would have a work day every other week.  Although we get the luxury of coming in an hour later than usual, it's hardly a day of slacking off.  I worked through breakfast and almost skipped lunch as well, so caught up in projects was I.

I'll be ready.  I have planning first period this term, which gives me some extra time before students-proper, followed by Advanced Drama, Intro to Drama, and then Humanities.  I like the look of my classes so far, and I've also already set up my mental goal-markers: Just a week and a half of school and we have a Monday off for Martin Luther King Day.  Then, two weeks later, a Teacher In-Service Day.  Two weeks after that, President's Day.  A month after that and the musical's wrapped up and we're on spring break.  And then (if I blithely ignore that interminable stretch of weeks through April and May) it's practically summer!

That's totally doable.

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