Monday, September 10, 2012

On My Way Home

My "day off" was marvelously productive.  I stayed up until midnight Thursday cutting mats to fit under my rugs and opening all of the boxes that were sitting in my office.  I then got up promptly at 8 on Friday and dove in headfirst.  By 11 PM I had sorted, alphabetized, and shelved 18 boxes of books; stenciled a Moroccan pattern; talked with my insurance people, home mortgage people, and my bank people; run to the grocery store; repaired my washing machine; and generally tidied up.  Saturday was the Speech Coaches' Conference, which was fine but unremarkable.  Since it was out in the Ikea neck of the woods I swung by to look at desks (mine was broken in the cleanup) and coffee tables (my old one does not suit the new rug).  No buys, but I took a few photos of options to consider before running to Cafe Rio (also in that neck of the woods) and then heading home to stencil another part of the house.  Sunday was church (They only offended me twice!  Not bad!), framing pictures, and cleaning up a bit more.

Unbelievably, it's not done yet.  It's much, much closer; and yes, it probably would be done if I wouldn't spend so much time alphabetizing and rubber banding and sorting into plastic bins with labels and such.  But, oh, it's so satisfying to be completely organized!

So, despite some of your kind requests, no finished photos yet.  I still have a kitchen to sort out and a desk to find.  If you're interested, though, here are the stenciled bits:

In the music room.
Above the fireplace mantle. 
This one's trickier to shoot since A) the paint's lighter and B) I'm trying to shoot it at night.

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