Monday, March 09, 2009

Am I Blue

In a nutshell -
I'm job-hunting again. Probably no surprise, but I can finally blog about it because I told my principal the news on Friday, so it's out there.

I applied for a position at one school, a charter school. I spent a long time on the application, and I got my hopes up because I knew I would be good at it and today I got a rejection via email. "Unfortunately, you are not selected as a finalist for the position."

And now I'm in a dark place again.

I can tell myself it's a good thing - the commute would have been awful (about 1 hour), it was an English job (and I need to be doing theater), and it was hardly a sure thing; but I went and got my hopes up and the employment thing is just looking bleaker and bleaker. As it is for everyone.

So, today was a bad day, and I've lost my joie de vivre again. Let me know if you see it anywhere.


  1. You could be principal for the Denver School of the Arts.

  2. I found your joie de vivre cowering behind the jar of hard candy in my elderly neighbor lady's place. Luckily, I talked it out and it's riding the rails back to you! Be prepared for a reunion any day now. And make sure to have the following on hand:
    1- chocolates
    2- butterfly net
    3- antibiotics (Yes, your joie de vivre's gone a wee bit feral.)

  3. Pretend that it's Monday night at Packer's. I'm singing to you.

    to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
    (Amanda Waterhouse!)

    to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    can't you seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    And then I buy you another pineapple juice!