Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What Are You Going to Do Now?

An update:

The VP at that school emailed me today. She said my resume and email were very impressive, and I'm obviously well-qualified; but that they have an internal candidate for the position and were only going through the formalities. I'm still welcome to apply/interview, but...



  1. What position is the internal candidate vacating? Perhaps it's better than your current one?

  2. You know What?

    I'd say apply anyway, and maybe they'll have time to do a courtesy interview. If nothing else, that helps you prepare for the kind of questions you will face in your future interviews for positions like this. If these people really are serious about their internal candidate, they may be feeling jolly/magnanimous enough to offer you some free consulting on your performance as a candidate.

    More good vibes are coming your way!

  3. I'm with Meg. Perhaps they'll know someone who is hiring elsewhere, perhaps there is another position, there's so many possibilities.

    Seems that both of us need to "get ourselves out there" although for very different reasons. :)

  4. I know nothing about how school hiring works, so I'll just keep sending good vibrations and crossed fingers and rabbits feet your way!!! (Expect a gruesomely lucky package...)

  5. Half of my good vibrations got diverted to another project I'm working on. I will now send ALL good vibrations your way and hope it helps.

  6. I agree - go ahead and apply!
    You never know where it might lead...
    ask me how I know.