Wednesday, March 04, 2009

In a Little Spanish Town

I have a ton to tell you about (dancing at a club, the Oscars, parent-teacher conferences, and, yes, Emily, disco roller skating), but I also have grades due on Friday and a mountain of workbooks to grade. I promise a nice, detailed blog entry this weekend.

In the meantime, though, I need to brag about this news:

I'm going to Spain!

I was officially accepted as a volunteer for 8 days in a little Spanish village/resort outside of Madrid through the Pueblo Ingles program.

It'll be the kick-start to the Yay! 30! trip Jason and I are taking - we will rendezvous in Athens the day after my program ends, then backpack through Greece and Turkey.

All I want to do is plan the trip, but, alas, I have miles of paper to go before I sleep.

Still, whoo!


  1. RAD!!!!! I'm way excited for you! Don't you dare give me a link. And hey, website, don't you dare show me a fast-track application. Hey! Stop saying that you need more younger volunteers. Nooooooooo!

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  3. Hooray!!!
    *sigh* Someday, when I have a real career, I'm determined to join you on your travels. I'll even feign a hunchback and carry your luggage.