Monday, March 30, 2009

Ups and Downs

The good news - the principal of the high school I interviewed at the second day of the job fair just emailed me. He said he was impressed with the interview and he wants to schedule a second interview as soon as they get back from spring break.

This is the one that is a bit of a commute and is a salary cut, but it's a high school theater/English/speech position. And here's what the principal said to me in the interview that might make all of that worthwhile:

[When it comes to our teachers, we ask] "what are your passions and how can we support them?"

The bad news - when I hit the curb during the snowstorm on Thursday, it apparently bent the wheel-something of my car. Between that and the brake noises I've been hearing, they just quoted repairs at $1300. Ouch. Again, that stupid job fair is turning into the most expensive thing ever. Grr.

P.S. Bad English teacher! Misspelling "brake" - I am ashamed. That's what I get for posting without proofreading.


  1. I truly hope you get to work any place that cares about your passions!! And I hope you never have to go to another job fair again. (Hey, a girl can dream...)

  2. "Yay" . . . and "Bummer!" all at once. Finally, somewhere that will take advantage of all of your talents. But sorry about the car!

  3. You so needed to hear someone say that to you! How exciting would this be--FOR THEM! Any principal who'd say something so wise might be worthy to have you work for them.