Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another Day

Three vignettes from Thursday that just seemed to sum up my day at school.

1. As my fifth period were gathering in the room before the bell and I was at my post in the hallway, I sense a disturbance. Going inside, I discovered that someone in my fourth period class had left a lubed-up rolled out condom on one of the desk chairs. Classy.

Cesar offered to throw it away for me. I told them to just wait a second and not touch it. I ran to the bathroom to get some toilet paper (we ran out of tissues at the school a few months ago). When I came back, Cesar had picked it up with a pen and was chasing Jonathan with it.

2. After that class, I went to Brenda's room for an IEP. I was there early enough that we had a chance to chat. I told her about what had just happened at the start of my fifth period, and she told me that she had a kid who stole a soda from her bag yesterday. She caught the kid and he confessed. Then, this morning, she found out that the same kid had gotten arrested that morning for stealing a soda from the 7-11 across the street. Apparently, he was stealing it to give to her to replace the one from yesterday.

3. Driving away from school, I had to creep between a cop car with flashing lights and open doors and the picturesque view of a policeman pinning a guy to one of the vans in our parking lot, handcuffing the guy's hands behind him.

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