Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Question on the board:
Explain why the Hanukkah scene is included in the play, please.
(Recall what we discussed about Hanukkah yesterday!)

Explanation, following the class discussion:
Teacher: Good! So, what words could you put in this phrase?
"The story of the Maccabees _______________ the story of the Franks?"

Student A: Parallels?

Teacher: Excellent. Any other words we talked about yesterday?

Students: (silent)

Teacher: Like how a dove ________ peace...?

Student B: Symbolizes?

Teacher: Great!

Answer to question on the board, from student's paper 5 minutes later:
"Hanukkah is there because it symbolizes the Franks and Vanndanss. It also symbolizes peace like a dove."

Teacher: (Hangs her head in disgust, then copies down the answer for blog fodder.)

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