Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Interview (Reprise)

Hi, my name is chitarita and I'm feeling... conflicted.

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I just got out of an interview at the high school just down the street from me. Remember them? And that? For ease, I shall now refer to that school as Geographical Feature High School (GFHS for short).

As the VP had hinted, they did call me for an interview. I know they have an internal candidate, so I tried not to get my hopes up. That mission was not helped by reports from my aunt via my parents that it is not unusual for a school to pass on an internal candidate for one who is better qualified. And after my thinking about yesterday's interview (more on that in a few paragraphs), I was back into really, really wanting this.

I did everything I could do. They had 7 people there: two English teachers, the orchestra teacher, the choir teacher, two VPs, and... someone else. I forget what she does. English, maybe?

They had the list of questions printed out at the front desk, and gave it to me to look over before going in. No surprises on the questions, aside from the total absence of questions about discipline or problem students. Odd.

As I waited, another girl in a business suit came out holding the same paper. She had a lanyard hanging out of her bag with the school's name blazened on it, which lead me to conclude that she was the internal candidate. Hmm.

The interview was... dry. They responded to some of my jokes and enthusiasm, but all they did was run down the list of questions, then ask to see my portfolio, then told me they would let me know by tomorrow, in all likelihood. As I left, I passed a nervous-looking guy in a suit (the other interviewee, I assume) and then I realized that I had not mentioned my tech experience when I answered the first question, despite it being specifically asked for.

My gut right now says no job there. They didn't ask me if I had any questions or really deviate from the script, which made it seem like their hearts weren't into me. Their estimated timeline seems quick to me, nor did they mention my meeting the principal at any point before the offer may or may not come. My guess is that they had to conduct at least three interviews for an open position, and they filled it.

This is rather different from the interview yesterday. Also a group thing (principal, vice principal, head of English department, orchestra teacher, dean of activities, and the outgoing drama teacher), they were totally into me the whole time, very open, and very friendly and positive. The principal took me on a tour of the school afterwards (which is hands-down the most beautiful school I've seen), and the drama and orchestra teacher showed me the theater (not nearly the quality of the new building - old, tiny, cinder-blocky with no lighting. Workable, but kind of ugly).

The problem? It would be about a 45-minute commute each way in perfect driving conditions. If it snowed or got icy or anything (and, being Colorado, that would be most of the school year), the drive would be at least an hour.

A lot of the teachers there commute, and several carpool, which would help with gas (1/6 of a tank to go up and back yesterday). Still, if I had this job, it would be doing both drama and speech, which would mean every night and most weekends spent up there (or getting up there). Basically, my life would be all about school 10 months of the year.

I don't know if I could do that. I can't imagine right now turning down a high school theater job, but nor can I reconcile myself to the idea of giving up my growing life in Denver. You all know I'm a workaholic, but I try to keep some balance between work, friends, church, and personal time. This job would take over the others for the entire time (the drive does NOT count as personal time).

So, I'm feeling conflicted. Two interviews; one great, one so-so. Neither job seems possible right now, but nor have I been offered the decision yet.

I just don't know yet. But, apparently, by tomorrow I'll know a little more.

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  1. I understand how conflicted you must feel. Just keep praying that things will work out they way they will. The Lord always has your best interests at heart.