Sunday, June 28, 2009


Since "Leaves Wrapped With Chicken" is hardly a fitting post to leave sitting up for so long, I though I'd write a quick one to let you all know that I am indeed back in my cozy yellow apartment in Denver.

After a fairly seamless flight from Istanbul to New York, we endured the hellishness that was JFK airport (Seriously? When Greece runs their flights with more effectiveness and foresight, doesn't that tell you something's wrong? GREECE!), trudged through the masses of people at passport control, found some dinner next to my gate, and said our good-byes before I boarded my flight home and then sat on the runway for another 75 minutes before taking off. I KNEW I had cursed myself by commenting on how smoothly all of our travels had gone!

Jason, who had an even longer layover than I did, wound up also waiting for his flight for some time, which makes me wonder if something in particular was up at the airport.

My sister was lovely enough to pick frumpy, sleepy me up at the airport and took me home. HOME! Despite being after midnight, I was suddenly hungry (it was, after all, breakfast time to my body), so I made a bowl of soup which then totally woke me up. Crap. So I got into bed (after brushing my teeth with water FROM THE FAUCET!), read for a while, then woke up suddenly around 3 am to realize that I had fallen asleep. I put in some earplugs (seems that despite my two phone calls before leaving, the HOA still hasn't stopped the electronic beeping that goes off every 2 minutes outside my bedroom) and went back to sleep.

And then woke up at 7:00, simultaneously exhausted and wide awake. Hmm.

It's lovely to be home, but I'm sad the trip's over. Jason called this afternoon to say that the new Zafon book is excellent - he ran out and bought it this morning when he woke up. I've got it on my Kindle, but I'm also a little over halfway through a different book, so I'm fighting a literacy dilemma. I unpacked while talking to him, and then spent the rest of the conversation sitting on my pretty new rug, stroking it.

I need to go shower so I can get some actual food. More later, I promise, especially about the last day in Istanbul, which will be subtitled either
"It's Never the Same the Second Time Around,"
"Ayasofya: the Ian McKellen of Architecture," or

(Yes, there was more hamaming. I know - you're excited!)

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