Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Few Post-Scripts

After walking around Selcuk to see the Aquaducts (with Stork nests on top), the Basillica (with a baptismal font complete with witness boxes) and St. John's tomb, and the one column left standing from the Temple of Artemis (one of the 7 Ancient Wonders! That's two in a day, since this morning we were by the place where the Colossus of Rhodes stood), Jason and I returned to our hotel as puddles of sweat. He's typing a long email to his peeps, and I thought I'd use the Wifi while I wait.

I should say, in response to Ben's comments, that I wasn't the least bit miffed at the waitress. It was all in good humor between the three of us, and she was hilarious.

And speaking of Greek women, this morning we had breakfast at the hotel (backpacker's breakfast- we ate for the morning and also tucked some rolls with meat and cheese in my purse for later). As we left, we handed in our trays. The old Greek grandmother took Jason's tray and pointed to the barely nibbled piece of marbled pound cake-sort of bread left on his plate. "You no like?" she asked.
"No, it's good," Jason protested, "it's just too sweet."

The grandmother just looked woefully from Jason to the uneaten bread and scraped it sadly into the trash as if her heart was broken. These Greek women are very touchy about their food!


When we arrived in Selcuk and got off the bus, we were immediately accosted by a man asking if we needed a place to stay.

"We have reservations," Jason said to shake him off while I worked on pulling the handle out of my bag (Did I tell you it broke?)

"Where? Where?" the man persisted.

"At Jimmy's Place."

The man nodded, turned to this blond guy and said something in Turkish to him. The blond guy said "Jimmy's Place?"
We nodded and assured them we had a reservation.

"OK," Blond guy said. With that, he grabbed my suitcase and took off, calling "You follow me!" over his shoulder as we dashed to catch up.

We followed his quick steps through the bus station, across a street, through a cafe ("5 Dollar entrance fee!" the owner called after us), and right up to our hotel. Blond guy dropped my bag off at the front desk, waved a cheerful good-bye, and took off again back to the bus station.

There's something almost fun about watching your suitcase being hauled away by a total stranger, with no idea whether you will see it again.


I dashed outside a second ago to take a picture of the hotel. Coming back in, one of the employees (owner?) called to me from the bar, "Taking a picture of my hotel costs extra!"

"Oh, really?" I said.

"Is it for a blog?" he asked.

"Yes," I said.

"Then you mention my carpet shop and I won't charge you."

Apparently, he has a lot of customers in Colorado, especially in Boulder....


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