Friday, April 30, 2010

A Sailor's Not A Sailor (Till a Sailor's Been Tattooed)


Why, hello. Yes, it is early in the morning. Yes, those are bags under my eyes. Yes, the musical did open up last night; and yes, the kids did do a great job.

But what's that?

That odd purple thing poking out of my shirt?

What's This?

Why, that's a Temporary Tattoo of Courage, Volume, and Memory!

After check-in last night, I pulled out an assortment of Temporary Tattoos of Courage, Volume, and Memory for the cast, orchestra, and crew. They had a ball going through every single one to pick out just the right flower or unicorn or flaming snake skull.

They were also quite good about placing them under their costumes so the audience wouldn't notice. Of course, there was a mom who gave me quite the disapproving look when, while dashing past on my way backstage a student asked if I had one yet. "Of course!" I replied, while pulling down the collar of my shirt a little bit.


Tough cookies, lady. I like my Purple Surfing Octopus, and the kids did indeed perform with courage, volume, and memory.

One down, two more performances to go. Wish us (bad) luck!


  1. Oh Break Legs! Be Bold and Brilliant! Am waiting eagerly for stories from the front lines, and I stand here with an armload of virtual flowers to toss your way in congratulations and triumph. Hurray for you and your lucky students.

    p.s. when are you coming to visit?

  2. Huzzah for they purple surfing octopus! I hope it worked wonders and is also fighting off the inevitable post-production illness from prolonged lack of sleeping and "real" food that didn't come from the trunk of your car! I am sure the show was a raving success complete with the accompanying show craziness! Now go get some rest!