Monday, April 19, 2010

With So Little To Be Sure Of

I've paid my program fee and got airplane reservations, so I guess it's a certain as will be -

I'm going to Thailand this summer!

To be specific, I'll be doing two programs back-to-back with Global Service Corps. Essentially, the plan is as follows:

Week 1: Tour of Bangkok, cultural activities, and Thai lessons
Week 2: Volunteer work in orphanages (i.e. playing with little kids)
Week 3-5: Living in a Buddhist wat where I'll be
a) Teaching English to the monks studying there
b) Studying Buddhism and the wat lifestyle
c) Learning how to meditate/chant

This trip is an odd one. I'm excited, but I also feel... I don't know, uncertain? A sort-of dread? But when I pray about it, it feels fine. When I think about particularities of the trip of what I'll get to do specifically, I feel good about it. And yet, when I think about the trip generally, I feel out of sorts.

My guess is that it's misplaced emotions about the musical. I think my stress over the show and work are being misdirected to stress about the trip. I have a lot to do still (doctor appointments, getting a visa, learning Thai, studying/background research for the trip, calling AT&T, loading up my Kindle, shaving my cat, bracing myself for 90 degrees with 90 percent humidity, etc.) and no time to work on that to-do list until the show is over. Heck, I'm staying up late tonight to write a Humanities test for tomorrow, and that's after skipping lunch today because I was so busy. Thus, stress.

Makes sense, right?

Still, Thailand!*

* If I ever get my passport, that is. My respect for the US Postal System is dwindling by the minute.

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