Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Food

In general, the food has been tasty, but less healthy than I expected. The meat is almost all fried, as are the rice and noodles.

Breakfast the last two days has been sandwiches made from white bread, eggs (hard boiled or fried), tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, onions, carrots, and mayonnaise.

I finally had pad thai yesterday, and it was indeed tasty. There's also been a lot of rice, as you'd expect, stewed vegetables (cabbage, "morning glory" ((some spinach relative?)), onions, etc.), and food of Chinese origins - sweet and sour chicken or cashew chicken, for example.

There's been pineapple at every meal and usually watermelon as well.
I predict that
Pineapple/Rice:my trip to Thailand :: Potatoes:my trip to Russia :: Lamb/Pistachios: my trip to Turkey

This afternoon we capped off our trip to Singburi town with dinner at a Thai BBQ restaurant. Which, as J.J. explained, they stole from the Koreans. There were metal plates on the table with two metal bricks in them. A cement cauldron filled with burning coals is placed on top of that, and then a metal pan with a dome raised in the middle.

We ladled chicken broth into the well around the dome and filled that with a variety of vegetables (cabbage, mushrooms, bean sprouts, morning glory, and seaweed). Then we took a piece of pork fat and rubbed the dome with it before putting raw chicken strips that were coated with egg on the dome to cook.

We also had fried rice, tempura vegetables, and some sort of savory chip you dip in sweet chili sauce.

There's been no sign of dairy products at all, which makes me wonder where they get calcium from. Rachel? Dad? Do you know what veggies supply it?

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