Saturday, June 12, 2010

In Which I am Too Tired to Blog Properly

I am working on an entry about today's trip to the waterfalls, but I am too tired to finish it tonight. Sorry! I will tell you that while typing, a mid-sized bug landed on my keyboard and died. Not that I slapped it or anything - it just croaked. Since I am being eaten alive by his fellows out here, though, I'm heading to bed.

But first, some teasers for tomorrow's entry:

SEE me climb a mountain!

THRILL with me as I save a young Thai girl from a monkey!

SHIVER as I encounter flesh-eating fish!

REMINISCE with me as I walk across a bridge!

SLAP mosquitoes and flies with me as I head off to bed!

SWEAT with me while just sitting here typing!

(Okay, seriously. A cockroach just crawled across my shirt. I say good night!)

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