Sunday, November 21, 2010

By the Sword

I'm up at the condo. They were predicting snow, so I figured why not pack up the cat and head up the mountain for the two days of school I have this week?

When I arrived, there was a chirping sound coming from upstairs. One of the smoke detectors had a low battery. Not a big deal, except the detector was mounted at the peak of the vaulted ceiling upstairs, a good 5-6 feet above my head.

A puzzlement, but I was on the phone with my parents at the time, and my dad reminded me that I had a trunk full of long, semi-pointy objects. I fetched the claymore, climbed on top of a chair, and attacked the enemy.

I managed to unscrew the case using the tip of the sword, but the battery was in the cover and it chirped teasingly at me as it danged from its wires. Now, whacking at an actively electrical object with a 50" metal sword named "MacLeod" might not be the cleverest idea. But still -

Victory is Mine!

Victory is mine!

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  1. Really I see little reason to exclude swords from our day to day lives when you figure that for centuries people with limited education and even more limited medical care were sword toters. Though I must admit that I winced at the thought of you disarming a smoke detector. I am glad that you will not be eligible for a spot in the notorious "What to do in case of a shark attack" game. Also, thanks you so much for the beautiful ring and the new read. I have read most of her work but had not yet indulged in this one!