Friday, November 19, 2010

Momma Looks Sharp


A. Receiving 11 swords in the mail from my dad has triggered all the D&D glee in me.

B. I mean D&D as in Jason's 4 Groups of People (F, D&D, Peace, and Bobo), not as in the actual game.

C. I'm stating for the record that I have never once played D&D.

D. Although a growing number of my speech/drama kids are apparently meeting on Monday nights to play D&D together.

E. It heightens the irony of my being called "Coach" when my "jocks" get together to play D&D, doesn't it?

F. The kids are as excited as I am over the swords. They've claimed their favorites and, to my absolute delight, they've been really, really great about being careful with them. Macbeth and Macduff work on their fight scene in slow motion, per my instructions, AND they switch themselves back to wooden staffs anytime they find kinks to work out. I'm quite proud of them.

G. Still, the swords were pointy. So I jumped at the chance when a dad at the school offered to dull them down for me (he's a metalworker). He dropped them off for me after school today, and they're nice and round at the tips.

H. Oddly, at the same time that I felt relief for not having to worry as much about my students' safety, I was disappointed that I didn't have a trunk full of suitable anti-zombie weapons.

I. Because, yes, I had actually thought about how I now had lots of protection in the event of a zombie attack, provided I could get to my car.

J. I had my hair colored this week. I wanted something different.

K. I was not so fond of the results, but after a few days I've decided it's because of how the lady cut my bangs, not the color. I'm liking the boldness of the color.

L. Even though one of my assistant coaches said, "Huh! It makes you look... older. Which is fine, if that's what you were going for."

M. My students all love it, though.

N. Which might just call the color more into question because, after all, #D.

O. The bangs are definitely wrong.

P. One of my classes is starting the Goal Project. (Remember that one, former students o' mine?)

Q. Which means I also need to come up with a risky goal to accomplish in the next month.

R. There's another speech meet tomorrow. We leave at 5:30 AM.

S. They pulled the entire student body out to the football field today to spell out "Buckle Up" for an advertising contest.

T. I was in the bottom of the "C".

U. This was after a fire drill earlier in the day.

V. And a bunch of kids went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter. Then they stayed for the 3:15 AM showing.

W. It was not the most productive of days.

X. That's it. There's no concluding point to this post. As I said, "Miscellany."

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  1. I think I need more clarification on Jason's 4 groups of people. . . I'm intrigued. :)